Affordable Housing

At United Way, we believe all individuals and families should have safe, stable homes and the resources to keep them long term.

Everything starts with the home. Whether it’s an address so you can be employed, or being able to stay in the same school all year, or having a place to cook a healthy meal together—we know that the root of all good things is a sense of place and a sense of home.

Many families in our community are one missed rent or mortgage payment away from homelessness. Housing plays a critical role for families and communities and impacts outcomes in each of United Way’s three focus areas.

Finding affordable housing is a barrier for many Lewis County families working toward achieving financial stability. As a result, many low-income residents are spending most of their income on rent and forgoing many essential needs, such as food, child care and health insurance. Many are only one crisis away from becoming homeless.

Providing affordable housing can be an economic and community development driver. 

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