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Board of Directors

2018-2019 United Way Officers


Angie Brown, President
Title Guaranty Company of Lewis County
I LIVE UNITED because, "Every kid should know no boundaries of what they can accomplish if someone believes in them."




Todd Chaput, Past President
Holiday Inn Express & Suites

I LIVE UNITED because, " I like working with an organization focused on bringing groups together towards a common goal; working together - UNITED."





Court Stanley, Vice President
Port Blakely
I LIVE UNITED because, "I believe that all children have a right to achieve their dreams and it’s difficult to do when a family can only focus on how to feed and shelter the child."





Gerda Stafford, President Elect
Providence Centralia Hospital
I LIVE UNITED because, "I want to give back to my community."




Donna Olson, Treasurer
Lewis County Community Development - retired
I LIVE UNITED because, "I want to be part of the solution!"




Gretchen Moore, Asst. Treasurer
Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc.
I LIVE UNITED because, "I am passionate about lifting families out of poverty; I want to make a positive impact in my community and help those in need."




Richard DeBolt, Secretary
NW Innovation Works
I LIVE UNITED because, " United Way is an action-organization that has real results for people in my community."




Amy Howlett, Campaign Chair
Security State Bank
I LIVE UNITED because, "
Every day I witness individuals and families suffering in their daily struggles. I want to be a part of what changes that and I am confident that we as a community can bind together to offer direction and support."



Sandy Yanish, Assoc. Campaign Chair

I LIVE UNITED because, "together we can make a greater impact."




Derek Burger, Leadership Chair
Edward Jones Investments

I LIVE UNITED because, "I care about my community."

Doris Brumsickle, Community Investment Chair
Centralia College Trustee
I LIVE UNITED because, "Each family lifted out of poverty means that family has increased possibilities for success.  We all win!"


Board Members


Mary Lou Bissett, Chehalis School District
I LIVE UNITED because, "Every child deserves an opportunity to reach their potential. Working together we can help lift families out of poverty and enable children to thrive."

Lynn Braun, Cardinal FG
I LIVE UNITED because, "I want to make a difference in the lives of those living around me.”

Christian Bruhn, Centralia College
I LIVE UNITED because, "United Way is dedicated to helping struggling families become self-sufficient so they can thrive."
Dianne Dorey, Lewis County Assessor
I LIVE UNITED because,"I want Lewis County to be the place where people get decent jobs, better health services, security against crime and physical violence, and freedom and opportunities to participate in community activities.​"




John Elmore, Centralia Community Member
"Helping our community, united, to create solutions that impact lives is why I LIVE UNITED."


Brandon Johnson, SCJ Alliance
I LIVE UNITED because, "Long working hours, tight family finances and the daily struggles that poverty creates makes it hard for children to dream of a better life. Breaking out of poverty starts with the confidence to believe in yourself and requires the support to help make those dreams a reality."


Teresa Loo, Port Blakely
I LIVE UNITED because, "I’m passionate about lifting families out of poverty - I think every child should have the resources of a stable environment and a caring, prosperous community so they may grow up healthy, happy and positioned to thrive."




Mary Catherine McAleer, Weyerhaeuser
I LIVE UNITED because, "we all know someone experiencing intergenerational poverty. We can do more to break the cycle working together than we can do alone."





Sue Muller, Lewis PUD - Retired
I LIVE UNITED because, "A different world cannot be built by indifferent people” is a quote that resonates with United Way’s mission to work to improve the quality of life in our community. I want to be part of the solution."




Dr. Richard Stride, Cascade Mental Health Care
I LIVE UNITED because, "I want to make a difference in lives of people in my corner of the world (Lewis County)."





Michael Wagar, Lafromboise Communications
I LIVE UNITED because, "I believe the more you give the more you receive in return, and the United Way of Lewis County — with its mission of easing the generational poverty in our area — is poised to make a real difference in the lives of so many individuals and families.”