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ChristianChristian Bruhn, Executive Director


I LIVE UNITED because, "poverty is closer to home than we realize and is more than a lack of economic resources. In Lewis County, 1 in 3 families living on the edge of poverty. At United Way of Lewis County, we are dedicated to helping struggling families become self-sufficient so they can thrive."



Jamie ClineJamie Cline, Office Manager


I LIVE UNITED because, "we need a voice for our community and at United Way, I can be that voice that connects people with the resources towards a good education, whether for a child or adult. I want to show people that they deserve the same chances and opportunities as anyone else." 



 Chris JuddChris Judd, Resource Development Director


I LIVE UNITED because, "we are only as strong as our weakest link.  I want to do everything in my power to help build a strong foundation for the future of Lewis County and United Way is leading that effort." 



Chastity PenningtonChastity Pennington, Community Impact Director


I LIVE UNITED because, "I believe in the power of a community that works together to change or create systems which empowers individuals and families to overcome challenges together.  At United Way of Lewis County we can aid in creating sustainable programs which support a healthy community."  



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