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UNITED for Lifting Families Out of Poverty

Poverty to Prosperity

Our community is ever changing. That’s why United Way of Lewis County is, too.

With our focus on truly interconnected solutions around lifting families out of poverty, we are better able to answer our community’s evolving needs to create paths of stability amongst families and strong foundations for success. This work allows families to live their best lives possible and reach their full potential.

Our new Impact Strategy

As part of United Way of Lewis County's 2018-2020 newly adopted strategic plan, we are transitioning from the traditional role as a fundraiser to taking a lead role in community collaboration around reducing poverty. This means instead of simply funding organizations and programs doing good work in “pockets” throughout the community, there will be a laser focus on systemic change to holistically eliminate the barriers our struggling families in Lewis County experience.

To move the needle on poverty in Lewis County, we must work together, collectively and amplify the voices of those we are serving - allowing their needs and aspirations to guide our work.

Why are we evolving?

As a community, often times we take for granted our daily experiences. Waking up each day in a safe home, our kids attending quality educational programs, and coming home to a warm meal at night. Reality is, that over 47% of our local families are fighting an uphill battle each day. Our families want to be stable, our children want to learn and deserve that opportunity, but far too many can’t due to the barriers they face before they even walk through a school’s front door.

Now is a very exciting time for United Way and our community. By taking the lead in Lewis County's efforts to lift families out of poverty, we can ensure our future generations will thrive in a safe and equitable community.