Our Impact

UNITED to Reduce Poverty in Lewis County

At United Way of Lewis County, we unite community resources to invest in solutions that lift families out of poverty in our community. Our board, staff, donors, volunteers and community partners are committed to creating lasting, sustainable changes that transform lives and build a thriving community for us all. 

We exist because issues such as poverty, homelessness and educational achievement require the collaboration of all sectors including for-profit businesses, boysnon-profit organizations, all levels of government and all levels of education.

In order to improve lives in Lewis County, United Way of Lewis County focuses on three areas of impact:

Our community impact approach is unique - we not only only address people's immediate needs, but we also work towards changing systems so that people can avoid challenges altogether. It is about investing in the present and the foundation, as well as the future.

A healthy community learns well, earns well, and lives well. We believe that every family facing poverty deserves a fighting chance at success. With your support, together, we can change the story for struggling families in Lewis County.