Partners In Impact

Connecting Community

At United Way of Lewis County, we believe in the power of connection. Our Connecting Community initiative brings together local organizations, leaders, and advocates to share ideas, resources, and support. By fostering these connections, we create a network of collaboration that amplifies our collective impact. Together, we can address the challenges facing our community and work towards a future where everyone thrives. Join us in building a stronger, more connected community, one partnership at a time!

Quarterly Partners in Impact Meetings

Our Quarterly Partners in Impact Meetings are designed to bring community organizations together in a collaborative environment to share insights, connect, and foster collective growth. These meetings provide a platform for our partners to discuss ongoing projects, share success stories, and identify opportunities for collaboration. By coming together, we strengthen our collective efforts to create lasting change in our community. Join us as we work hand in hand to support and uplift those in need, ensuring a brighter future for all.