Financial Stability

Helping families become financially stable and independent, while ensuring that basic needs are met.

Priority Outcomes:

  • Families have support for basic needs, including shelter and food.
  • Youth and adults develop financial literacy skills.
  • Lower-income families move toward financial stability.
  • Community members have resources to overcome disasters and emotional or financial crises.

Financial Literacy Objective - to ensure individuals develop and build the financial and employability skills they need to make informed financial decisions to achieve long-term financial stability.

For many families, making ends meet is a challenge that requires sacrifices. When earned wages don’t support the basic needs of a family and when debt and poor money management skills rob individuals of their dreams, a cycle of hopelessness and poverty is perpetuated with negative implications for present and future generations.

AARP Tax Aide Program

The AARP Tax Aide program provides free tax assistance to seniors and low and middle income families. Volunteers help citizens receive the tax refund they deserve, clients receive money for essential needs and the economy gets a boost from purchases that would not occur without the tax refund.

In 2014, over 550 returns were completed for Lewis County with an average return of $1,460, totaling $521,444. A tax refund can make all the difference to a household struggling to make ends meet.  Most refunds are utilized for essentials like home or car repairs, basic needs or help with a move.   Tax refunds ensure a healthy stream of revenue into our communities.


Financial Wellness Workshops

Each year, United Way of Lewis County, in partnership with Washington State Employees Credit Union, offers FREE financial education workshops for those needing assistance with their financial health. Workshops include:

  • Financial Stress Management - Financial health effects overall health; learn how to manage the challenges financial stress can cause.
  • Credit Reporting 101 - Find out about credit bureaus, how your score is calculated and determined, the steps you can take to improve your credit and more.
  • Emergency Financial First Aid Kit - Emergencies happen; get the tools you need to be ready for an emergency – natural disaster, financial or otherwise.
  • Forty, Fabulous, and Flat Broke - Did you know that 58% of Americans over 40 don’t have a solid retirement plan? This workshop provides the tools and resources to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Our work is designed to help families proudly achieve financial independence while setting the example in the home for what is possible when education, wise money management and dedication to achieving better personal conditions are a priority.